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Addiction Counseling

Treating addiction is challenging because the disorder may be triggered by a complex interplay of neurological, genetic, emotional, psychological, and societal factors. Even more challenging than treating the addiction disorder is preventing a relapse.

Our goal is to not only treat addiction but also empower a recovering addict to take back their place in their family and society as a responsible and productive member and remain sober.

Our Addiction Counseling Program: The Methodology

Substance abuse is a disorder of both the mind and the body. Our addiction counseling programs incorporate treatment methodologies for both the mind and the body.

Our Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Program: The Success Factors

The success of our alcohol addiction rehabilitation program hinges on several factors:

  • Specialized Care by a Multi-Disciplinary Health Team: From our specialized detox partners to our in-house board-certified psychiatrists who specialize in alcohol addiction treatment, to our counselors and behavior health techs, your rehabilitation program is handled, directed, and executed by a multi-disciplinary medical team to manage the various physical, psychological, and emotional issues that alcoholism may trigger.
  • Holistic Treatment Approach with an Emphasis on Relapse Prevention: Our holistic rehabilitation program not only treats your addiction problem but also identifies the triggers in your environment, teaches you coping skills, and provides you with wisdom and insights about your condition to help you deal with stress, resist temptation, and remain sober.
  • Customized Treatment Programs: Every person’s addiction is different. Every person heals differently. We create our treatment programs with you in mind, so we can focus on your unique needs and address the challenges that you may face during the treatment effectively.
  • Addiction Recovery Programs following the Continuum of Care: We deliver our treatment programs in our Stuart, FL facilities. For severe addiction problems or in case of co-occurring disorders, we recommend that you continue on from your initial stay in treatment with our Intensive Outpatient Program.

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