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Additional Therapy and Auxiliary Therapy

At Treasure Coast Recovery, our treatment programs are designed to complement the more normal therapeutic methods of psychology and psychiatry by engaging the client’s entire person. Detox involves ridding the person of all toxins. This is not limited to only toxins of the body, but includes of the mind as well. During treatment, a client may find themselves experiencing emotional pain during the detox process – not just physical discomfort.

Through the use of additional and auxiliary therapies, the client will engage in methods that go beyond the therapist’s walls. They will be guided in learning to experience activities with a sober judgment in a safe environment. During these auxiliary therapies, the client will work to learn healthy coping skills for their return to the real world, and endeavor to discover strength they never knew they had.


Addiction to drugs and alcohol creates negative affects on all parts of the person; often times causing pain both mentally and physically. Auxiliary therapies aim to heal the client of their pain whether it be pain of the body, mind, or soul. Auxiliary therapy can allow for the client to express his or her self as a person while developing skills once suppressed by the use of drugs and alcohol.

Benefits of Auxiliary Therapy include:

– Aids in developing self-confidence

– Promotes team building skills

– Promotes social behavior

– Improves self-concept

– Enforces clean and sober experiences

– Increases relaxation

– Reduces loneliness

– Provides a release for emotion and self-expression

– Enhances a spiritual connection


Additional and Auxiliary Therapy

Art Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Meditation Therapy

Music Therapy

Adventure Therapy


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