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Choosing Treatment for Loved Ones

At Treasure Coast Recovery, the Family Services Department provides services that work to distinguish the program from other treatment programs. Teams of professionals educate, empower, and support families throughout a loved one’s treatment. Treasure Coast Recovery offers support and education to assist in gaining valuable knowledge and insight regarding a loved one’s treatment needs and individual roles in their recovery. Family services programs offer an intake session as well as support throughout treatment and comprehensive discharge services. These sessions are provided via phone or other internet connection services. Families also receive support calls throughout a loved one’s treatment and receive updates with progress in treatment.

On the first day after intake and admission, families may be notified of a loved one’s arrival for treatment, at the request of the client. Clients will then have  days session, and discharge sessions. Support sessions are offered throughout a loved one’s treatment. From the time of intake, to discharge and beyond; families will receive the one-to-one support to assist in maintaining a healthy relationships during and after treatment.