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Day In Treatment

For all clients at Treasure Coast Recovery, a typical treatment day begins around 7:00 am and ends with lights out around 11:00 pm. In between wake up and lights out, each client’s multi-disciplinary treatment team meets with and works with each client on his or her individualized treatment plan through various treatment aspects, such as group and individual therapy, meditation, exercise and 12-Step meetings to name a few.

Upon arrival to Treasure Coast Recovery, each client will find a daily treatment schedule in his or her Client Handbook based on their particular treatment program, i.e. sun, sail. During the day, activities may include:

• Medications: If a client needs medication, they are administered by Treasure Coast Recovery nurses. Treasure Coast Recovery medical staff is also available to answer any questions or concerns regarding medication symptoms that a client may be experiencing.

• Meditation: Clients start off every day with a meditation session. Treasure Coast Recovery believes that meditation sessions help clients outline their addiction recovery goals for the day.

• Group and Individual Counseling Sessions: Group counseling sessions are a fundamental part of the Treasure Coast Recovery addiction treatment program. In addition to group therapy, individual therapy sessions allow the clients to work one-on-one on their specific issues with an addictions counselor.

• Education: Lectures are scheduled to educate clients about a broad range of matters relating to chemical abuse and alcohol addiction recovery.

• Exercise: Treasure Coast Recovery offers a range of exercise and fitness activities as part of the individual treatment plans. These programs help clients better cope with the physical and emotional stresses associated with addiction recovery.

• Treatment Plan: Addiction recovery clients are also invited to participate in 12-Step speaker meetings and other types of treatment throughout their stay.

• Meals: Clients share meals and a sense of community with other clients in their specific living accommodations.

Additionally, addiction counselors provide clients with daily assignments designed to assist clients in their addiction recovery journey. These daily assignments are frequently based on 12-Step readings. Clients are provided time to individually work on their treatment plan assignments.