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Licensed Dietitian – Dietary Education

Recovery is not a state of mind – it’s a lifestyle. During the recovery process you will learn many new skills to take with you from Treasure Coast Recovery and use back in what will be your new day-to-day life. An important set of skills to learn is how to properly take care of your body. You will learn methods of healing your body and how to build it back up, but one of the most important body skills to learn is how to fuel it.

At Treasure Coast Recovery, we will teach you proper nutrition techniques for your preferences. You will talk with a team of therapist, nutrition and fitness experts to discuss your personal dietary needs and fitness goals. Our on-site nutritionist and chef will teach you how to cook delicious meals that will give you energy and feed the body with the essential nutrients it needs. If there are any religious or dietary preferences, we are sure to cater to your specific needs. All accommodations at Treasure Coast Recovery come equipped with full kitchens, providing clients with the perfect place to practice new cooking skills.

Cooking Feeds the Mind

Cooking is part of a healthy lifestyle. Aside from feeding your body the nutrients it needs, cooking is a relaxing and enjoyable activity for many. The process of cooking eases the mind into a meditative state to ease out negative thinking, while the smells of food release feel-good endorphins to the brain. Also, cooking is a creative process. Psychologists have linked the ability for people to creatively express themselves with overall well-being.

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