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Freedom of Practice

Treasure Coast Recovery stands out among the many other drug and alcohol treatment centers for the simple reason that we strive to go above and beyond basic therapy strategies. We are firmly rooted in our philosophy focusing on the individual – including religious beliefs. At Treasure Coast Recovery, freedom to practice your religion of choice is not only tolerated, but encouraged to aid in the recovery process.

We are a non-discriminatory facility that promotes freedom to practice in a safe and loving environment. We believe in the client’s right to practice whatever healthy methods of the mind, body, and spirit they may discover to aid in recovery.

Just as we respect the religious freedoms of our clients, we ask the clients in return respect those same rights for others who may not share the same spiritual beliefs they do. This way, Treasure Coast Recovery remains a loving and accepting environment for all our guests regardless of creed.


Spiritual Services Offered at Treasure Coast Recovery

Spiritual Therapy

Freedom of Practice

Religious Accommodations