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HIV and Infectious Disease Counseling

If you know your HIV status, or your status of other infectious diseases, it’s crucial to seek counseling as soon as possible. A positive status is a life changing and difficult burden. Luckily, HIV and infectious disease testing and research has helped millions of people cope with and learn to manage their disease. Knowing your status means you take an active role in protecting your health, your partner’s and that of your children.

It’s important to know that with modern advancements in medication; a positive diagnosis of HIV or an infectious disease is no longer a life sentence. Proper treatment and moderation helps many people with HIV go on to lead happy, healthy, and prosperous lives.

The first responsibility in HIV and infectious disease counseling is to know your status of infection – get tested. If you do in fact happen to test positive, it’s best to seek the help of professionals immediately. You will be experiencing a lot of upsetting and confusing emotions. At Treasure Coast Recovery we have a team of professionals specialized in HIV and infectious disease counseling. A counselor will help guide you through the feelings you are experiencing, as well as help you with the medical, financial, and relational processes. Undoubtedly, you will have a lot of questions and a counselor will sit down with you to help you answer them all. They will walk you through the first stages of your diagnosis such as:

– Understanding your diagnosis

– Knowing who to disclose your status to

– When it’s the best time to tell people

– Knowing your life-enhancing options

– Prevention practices and case management

– Finding a care provider

Through counseling you will develop and adopt the strategies for maintaining physical and emotional health. We realize each patient has unique needs and Treasure Coast Recovery will guide you through this difficult process.

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