Sunset on the Beach Near Treasure Coast Recovery's IOP Program
Sunset on the Beach Near Treasure Coast Recovery's IOP Program

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Sail is the name of our Treasure Coast Recovery IOP.

At the completion of your base treatment program at the Treasure Coast facility, clients may want to enroll in the Sail program. This IOP program is a community of men and women who have committed themselves to the next phase of treatment and recovery. The program extends your stay and strives to improve the overall likelihood of successful treatment and sustained abstinence.

SailTreasure Coast Recovery’s Sail program is a step down from the structured living environment of the Sun program. IOP clients are provided with community-based care at the end of their initial treatment phase. Clients can choose to stay in the Sail IOP program after completing rehab, continuing to receive services on an outpatient basis.

This IOP is an intensive outpatient program where you can test the coping mechanisms learned during your stay, but in a safer environment. Sail is a way to ease yourself more slowly back into a new normal. Addictions and substance abuse issues may warrent additional time to reflect and recover. IOP can be a great friend in building the solid foundation required for a recovery. In fact, notes: “… the best outcomes occur with a longer duration of treatment.”

Benefits from IOP at Treasure Coast Recovery

Chances are as a recovering alcoholic or substance abuse addict, you struggle with urges or cravings to drink or use again. This urge is understandable and is why Treasure Coast Recovery address such cravings to help identify triggers. Educational classes and discussions with professional staff will work towards teaching a learned ability to overcome triggers and develop a relapse prevention plan.

What Differentiates Our Sail IOP from Other Treatment Centers?

At Treasure CBikesoast Recovery, staff strive to help clients ease back into society. One key resource that’s available clients is transportation. Transportation allows clients to conduct their daily activities (meetings, gym, job interviews, etc). House bicycles are also available to IOP clients, allowing them to be more self-sufficient. Treatment facilities do not commonly offer these services, at times leaving clients to solve these problems on their own. We have learned that supportive IOP programs develop by finding a balance of freedom and structure.

Housing options and their locations are also important.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Sail is an option for ongoing addiction support. When attending this IOP, clients attend addiction treatment during the day three to five times per week and return home in the evenings to live out what may be learned of addiction in a home environment.  This intensive outpatient program focuses on alcohol and drug addiction but can be personalized for many co-occurring disorders.

What is offered with the IOP?

Working TogetherIOP includes services which strive to help you stay clean and sober. The first steps will be meeting with a counselor for an assessment where you’ll need to have a honest and detailed conversation. We encourage you to share your problems so that you can collaborate on a treatment plan that fits your needs and desires.

Relapse prevention is a key focus. The number one rule is this: staying sober is not a solo occupation – you need friends and fellowship. IOP teaches you how to work this rule as you integrate back into society.

Portions of the IOP curriculum:

  • Managing Cravings
  • Relapse Prevention – After Care Planning
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Sessions
  • Housing Services
  • Career Development Classes
  • Case Management
  • Understanding Addiction Classes
  • Life, Coping, and Conflict Resolution skills

Advantages of Attending an Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Sober housing, where people living around you understand the effort you are putting in
  • You have more freedom than initial treatment
  • You get your Cell Phone back and learn how to use it in a positive way
  • Allows your loved ones to be able to support you throughout your IOP treatment
  • You are able to ease back into normal society with the support of our trained staff
  • Option to participate in 12 Step meetings like AA or NA
  • Ability to safely practice what you learned in rehab in the real world

IOP at Treasure Coast Recovery

IOP is a next step that’s available for those who are getting ready, or have completed treatment. Clients may begin to build a supportive social network to assist with your recovery, all with the continued support offered to you by Treasure Coast Recovery staff.

An Example Of a Day in Our IOP Program

7:30 AM Wake up
8:30 AM Chores done
8:40 AM Be at the van for a career solutions
9-11:30 AM Career solutions
11:30 AM-2:00 PM Free time to go to a 12 step meeting or look for a job
2-4:00 PM Get ready for IOP
4:30 PM Leave for IOP
*clients need to be at the van ready to leave
5-5:30 PM Eat dinner at IOP
5:30-8:00 PM Group meeting
8-10:00 PM Free time
Clients must be home for curfew

Please give Treasure Coast Recovery a call at 1-855-223-6171 and we will certainly assist you in moving forward with your recovery. Each person entering Sail is unique. Services will be catered specifically to you.