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Medication Management

At Treasure Coast Recovery offers clinical and medical methods of relief from the burdens of drug and alcohol addiction. While approaching recovery from a holistic stance and an understanding that the use of non-addictive drugs may be a necessary part of the client’s treatment program.

One of the philosophies at Treasure Coast Recovery is to meet our clients where they’re at and customize a treatment according to the needs. The professional team is equipped with therapists and physicians who will work with the client to understand personal needs in treatment. After meeting with a recovery team, a client may be administered non-addictive medications on an as-needed basis. If medical and clinical staff determine that the use of medication is necessary in recovery, staff will administer a medical program according to the client’s treatment goals. The lowest effective dosage will be used, providing the client with the help they need while still allowing them to develop personal coping skills that will aid them in their long-term recovery goals. Treasure Coast Recovery staff will help the client understand and use this medication in a safe environment until they are able to manage this responsibility on their own.

Trading Drugs for Medication

A primary concern for those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is the notion that prescription medication may be abused. At Treasure Coast Recovery staff strive to alleviate any addiction concerns through our philosophy and methods of treatment. First and foremost is to address the addiction at the source, and dig deeper than seeing an addiction and work to find the underlying causes that lead to the action of addiction. Next, is the possible use of non-addictive medication to eliminate the possibility of trading drugs. Finally, to equip clients with methods to manage an sobriety once they leave Treasure Coast Recovery. Recovery and rebuilding ones life should always begin with a solid foundation. We educate our clients to realize relapse tendencies are a natural part of the recovery process and how to deal with them openly and honestly.


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