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Psychiatric Counseling Biomedical

In some cases, the illness at hand is more than mind over matter. In these circumstances, the use of medication can be necessary to assist in healing the mind from symptoms and conditions associated with possible mental illnesses. At Treasure Coast Recovery, we have psychiatric doctors employed on staff to attend to these needs and prescribe correct dosages of non-addictive medication to assist with client’s symptoms.

How Psychiatry is Different from Psychology

Psychiatry and psychology may sound alike, but are in fact two very different fields of study. Where psychology is the study of mental functions and behaviors, psychiatry pays attention to the medical side of a mental illness. More closely, it’s the medical specialty that concentrates on diagnosing and treating the mental illness. A psychiatrist is able to prescribe medications to prevent and treat the illness altogether whereas a psychologist is not.

Psychiatry in Treatment

At Treasure Coast Recovery, we strive to treat addiction at the root of the problem. More often than not these situations mean working with a dual diagnosis client. A dual diagnosis client suffers from both a mental illness and some form of substance abuse issue. With a case of dual diagnosis, both the mental health issue and the drug or alcohol addiction have distinct symptoms that can compromise one’s ability to function which can make it difficult to handle life’s obstacles and interact with others. Working with a psychiatrist, the client will learn to identify which symptoms are due to drugs or alcohol and which symptoms are caused by mental illness. Used alongside psychological therapies, the combination has proven to be effective in treating the root causes of addiction and in establishing recovery strategies.

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