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Psychological Counseling

Treasure Coast Recovery designs treatment programs for dual diagnosis clients, so that the root causes of addiction may be discovered and treated. Dual diagnosis clients often suffer from both a mental illness and some form of substance abuse or addiction issues. Typically dual diagnosis occurs when the client attempts to self-medicate or ease the symptoms of a mental illness with the use of drugs or alcohol, which in turn becomes a dependency and addiction disorder. Treasure Coast Recovery uses proven methods in psychological counseling to better understand the client and diagnose their specific needs.

How Psychology is Different from Psychiatry

Psychology and psychiatry may sound alike, but are in fact two very different fields of study. Where psychiatry studies the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a mental illness, psychology pays attention to the study of mental functions and behaviors in an individual as a whole.

Psychology in Treatment

Dual diagnosis poses a unique scenario in the recovery process. Since it is the combination of both an addiction and mental illness a dual diagnosis client must learn appropriate ways of coping with their prior illness. Treasure Coast Recovery’s facilities are equipped with licensed psychologists to work with clients to understand their specific needs in the recovery process. Through the use of talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral observation, group therapy, and other analysis, psychologists use proven tactics to teach addiction management skills that an individual can continue to use once they return to the world outside of treatment.

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