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Treasure Coast Recovery Reviews – Feel free to leave a review about experiences with Treasure Coast Recovery. If you would like to speak further about your experience with our treatment center and team, email us or call:

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Daniel shares how he overcame addiction and how Treasure Coast Recovery helped.

“Going to Treasure Coast Recovery made me a better person, a better man, and an honest one. People come to me for advice now. My experience at Treasure Coast made me who I am, I’m respected and trustworthy. ” – Daniel

Jonathan talks about his battle with addiction and the help he got at Treasure Coast Recovery.

” When I went to Treasure Coast Recovery I learned a lot of coping skills, how to cope with life on life’s terms. I use a lot of the skills on a daily basis. I can actually cope with life and be comfortable in my own skin today.” – Jonathan

Brandon tells us about his battle with drug addiction and how Treasure Coast Recovery helped.

“I woke up one day and realized my life was a big mess. I was using every day. I was ignoring my friends. Staying away from my mother because I did not want her to see. I knew I was in a bad spot. I did not want my mother because I love her to death and did not want her to see me like that.” – Brandon

Alex talks about her addiction and the help she got at Treasure Coast Recovery.

“I was lost and I did not want to feel that way anymore. So I decided to pick up the phone. Before I came to Treasure Coast Recovery I did not know who I was. I did not know what I was doing in life… To be able to trust that I was going to be safe also meant a lot to me. To get in a small group and to be able to open up and get those things out the I had never gotten out before. I felt comfortable and safe.” – Alex

Scott tells us about how he beat his addiction to alcohol and drugs with the help of Treasure Coast Recovery.

“Basically everyday I was drinking using cocaine, crack basically any drug I could get my hands on. Recovery has given me a new outlook on life. I have always had these dreams and aspirations that I always aspired to but I was actually never able to fulfill and now that I am in recovery I can actually start making progress towards those goals.” – Scott

Nick shares how he beat his addiction with the help of Treasure Coast Recovery

“Treasure Coast Recovery was a great 30 day program. It set me up for Success. I have lots of ways and connections to get help because you can’t really do it by yourself. Now I have goals and different aspirations and I am able to pursue them.” – Nick

Ryan discusses his drug addiction and how Treasure Coast Recovery helped him.

“All I did was use. I was not working. I was doing illegal activities to support my habit. I needed to change my life around and do something about it. It was my first treatment center that I went to. I was really comfortable after the first hour of just being there and meeting everyone. It was very welcoming.” – Ryan

Dan comments on his time at Treasure Coast Recovery and his recovery from alcohol addiction.

“Up until the day I made the call and came down, I was drinking at work. I had a drink when I got up in the morning. You really do need to try, you need make that first step. You need to get yourself pushed into that right direction.” – Dan

Jill talks about her battle with addiction and the help she got at Treasure Coast Recovery.

“My life was just horrible. I didn’t have any self-esteem. I didn’t have anything I really cared about besides using. When I walked in I was afraid but I knew that I was making the right decision.”- Jill

Ross speaks about his time at Treasure Coast Recovery beating his addiction.

“I could not look at myself in the mirror. I had track marks up and down the back side of both my arms. I hated the person that I was. I honestly wanted to die. The biggest challenge for me was the control.” – Ross

Mike lets us know how he beat his alcohol addiction with the help of Treasure Coast Recovery.

“Being around other people who were going through similar thing as me and relate to me, made this a lot more comfortable. This became my home-it became my safe haven for me.” – Mike


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Treasure Coast Recovery Center
Average rating:  
 30 reviews
by Susan Ei on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️

Thank you for saving my sons life I can't say enough about how greatful I am for what you have done. He seems much happier,and a new man.

by Michael R on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
helped me take my life back

I just want to take a minute out of my night to say thank you for all of your help Treasure Coast Recovery helped me take my life back and find myself again. You all were amazing and anytime anyone asks me how I did it I always give them your information. One day I would love to get a job like you all have and help people overcome addiction. Thats definitely one of my goals.

by Jessica on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
Treasure Coast Recovery gave me a life beyond my wildest dreams.

My name is Jessica and I am an Addict. My Sobriety date is June 25th, 2014.

Before arriving to Treasure Coast Recovery, my life was beyond manageability. I was in complete despair only existing and not living. My mind and actions revolved around drugs and how I was going to get the next high, not caring about what I had to do to get it. I destroyed everything that crossed my path, all my relationships, friendships, and my future. I lost my college grants, my cars, my jobs, but most importantly my soul. I was barely holding onto life when I made the decision to go to treatment. I truly believe if I hadn’t gotten help when I did, I would not be alive today.

After Arriving to Treasure Coast Recovery, my outlook and pain had not diminished. I attempted to leave more than ten times. It was the staff at the facility, that took the time out of their day to speak with me and guide me through these poor moments and keep me from leaving. I ultimately knew that if I did go back home, I would be on a path for the inevitable. The staff members at the facility played a huge part in my early recovery. I remained in treatment for about 2 Months, and in doing so, I was shown ways to cope with my triggers and cravings. I was also introduced to amazing women in sobriety, that I can now call my family.

It was at this facility that I was introduced to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is the program that saved my life. If I had not been introduced to meetings, as well as taught the proper meeting etiquette while in treatment, and when to speak and when not to. I don’t believe I would have the success I have today. I quickly learned what to do when I was no longer in a controlled environment and out there in the real world. It is because of the foundation I was given, that I knew how to take the suggestions, that saved my life, and for that I am forever grateful.

My life today is second to none. I have gained so much over the past year and a half, thanks to this program. I have a family in recovery as well as my family that I got back as a direct result of staying clean and sober a day at a time. Everything that I never thought I would have, I gained.

I have a car that I pay for, a house that I love to come home to, and I am building the family I always wanted yet never thought I deserved. I am employable and have been working for the same company for a year, which I never thought possible. I have the pleasure of working at the same facility that saved my life, which is one of the biggest rewards imaginable. It is my hope that as a staff member, I can help some of the girls that come into treatment, like the staff members helped me when I was a client. If I can just help one person, it is all worth it.

I can ensure myself a life beyond my wildest dreams, as long as I continue to take suggestions and stay clean and sober one day at a time.

by Drew on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
Thank You

The very first day I was there they made me feel like I was not alone. They opened my eyes to a world I didn't believe could ever exist. TCR helped me get my life back and for that I could never thank them enough for it. I know my family sleeps better when they know I am continuing my sobriety and it all started here. They helped me believe in myself. You don't have to do this by yourself.

by Brett W on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
Treasure Coast Recovery saved my life

Treasure Coast Recovery saved my life. It helped me find who I truly am. When I first got there I was on the fence about everything, however, it is a rehab facility, and I’m an addict. Every addict is not going to be so excited to jump into new things, into change. I’m so glad

I took a chance on Treasure Coast because through them, I've been able to achieve such great things in my life. I have learned how to cope with whatever will be thrown at me in the real world. They have made great charges since I've been there and I'm happy to say that without all of the staff and clients there, I wouldn't have left in the mindset that I did. I would not have grown as much as I've been able to there, at any another facility. I'm only 20 years old and for the first time in 14 years I've been able to go about day to day things as a sober, happy person. I recommend Treasure Coast Recovery to EVERY addict out there with the desire to live a life without the shackles of drugs and alcohol. They've gone above and beyond to provide all of us a more relaxed, safe, and fun environment to live a sober life. Thank you, Treasure Coast! Keep doing what you do!

by Scott on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
Fantastic Place

It was a fantastic place. Caring people who want to see people recover from whatever addiction they had. It was clean,modern,and had a fresh vibe to it. They give you all the tools and knowledge you need to be successful with your program. The biggest thing I took away from TCR was that I wasn't alone and that there is a secret war going on against an enemy called addiction. If you are suffering or you have someone in your life that is suffering from this horrible disease this is where you want to go. No reason to feel scared or embarrassed because whatever your going through millions of others have gone through it to. They welcome you with open arms and most importantly a open heart.

by Stacey on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
Level of Care

The level of care at this facility was above and beyond for my loved one who went to this facility. I worked in a detox facility for years and I have never hear of any place like it along with the amount of care and compassion. I am very familiar with treatment facilities and Treasure Coast Recovery is like no other. The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling, and deadly they truly understand that here..they saved my loved ones life!! Thank you can not be enough to describe my Gratitude for Treasure Coast Recovery!!!!

by Ross H on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
New Way of Life

The staff at Treasure Coast Recovery helped open the door to whole new way of life! A life I never new possible! Thank you all for your time, love and especially your patience! You've helped me find a path to a life worth living!

by Devin B on Treasure Coast Recovery Center
Good Community Feeling

TCR has very nice facilities and a very good community feeling. They offer very awesome activities on the weekends. The groups are very informative and realistic. The atmosphere is very positive and provides a good learning opportunity. With most of the staff being recovery, they are very understanding and helpful to respect the needs of each individual client.

by Pam on Treasure Coast Recovery Center

Many thanks to the caring, compassionate staff who went above & beyond for my son & our family, time after time! Special Thanks to ADAM from Aide & Recovery who makes miracles happen, ALAN for his determination & sharing his life to help heal others & SANDRA who started my son on his journey to RECOVERY! It's a Life Long Journey & THANKS to ALL of you we are Overcoming all the Obstacles & STEVE is SUCCEEDING! 🙂

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