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Addiction Services

Addiction is a complicated disease. At Treasure Coast Recovery, we create a unique treatment program to meet each client’s need. Our approach is to help the client understand the underlying factors in his or her addiction. Once these unique factors are known, we can help create an approach to address each issue. By providing a range of options for treatment, we provide a path to recovery for anyone who wants relief from their addiction.

The Treasure Coast Recovery Process

At Treasure Coast Recovery, we believe in overcoming addiction through intensive and personal therapy strategies. It is crucial that the client learns about the underlying issues leading to addiction, understanding the role of addiction and building a solid foundation from which to enhance ones life. Recovery begins with a solid foundation. We use psychological and psychiatric methods to diagnose and treat the illness leading to addiction. Once a foundation is established, we then offer a variety of additional therapies adjusted to the client’s interests and preferences. All treatment occurs on our private facilities to help make the client feel at ease throughout the recovery process.

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