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Health Services

Our team at Treasure Coast Recovery works together to benefit the patient and give them the best chance possible at a healthy and lifelong recovery. Which is why we employ a diverse team of physicians, therapists, coaches, trainers, and holistic practitioners to tailor the client’s treatment program to cater to their direct needs.

As more studies are done on recovery, we’re finding that a whole mind, body, and spirit approach is vital in long-term recovery. Our team of professionals work together to understand the client’s true cause of addiction first and foremost. From there, we were able to develop a treatment program that can heal the body, develop the mind, and renew the spirit.

We’ve discovered that one of the best approaches to achieve our treatment goals is through the use of Eastern practices and their holistic effects on treatment. Combined with medication when necessary, our specialized approach to treatment provides our clients with the best chance at a long-term recovery.

Our facilities are designed to manage and heal the abuse delivered to the body through addiction. Treatment programs involve both medical and non-medical practices to manage pain, toxins, diets, and physical exercise. There are a number of on-site amenities and professionals at the client’s disposal to assist them in the recovery process. We encourage our clients to try all our health services and find the methods that work best for them.

Health Services Offered at Treasure Coast Recovery