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Social Media Addiction

As social media skyrockets, so do the unhealthy relationships associated with it. Social media addiction may not seem like a serious illness, but an addiction to social media can distract one’s life. The disorder is characterized by a person being so obsessed with social media that it distracts them from engaging in the real world and harmfully affects their daily lives.

Risks of Social Media Addiction

The use of social media in addiction leads to a number of different underlying factors in addiction. Rather than be a cause of addiction, social media acts as a platform and contribution to addiction. Studies are pouring in proving the legitimacy of social media addiction and explaining the different causes associated with it.

For many of those afflicted, social media contributes to feelings of depression and inadequacy. High ‘like’ and friendship levels on social media platforms equate to high levels of personal status. Essentially, it fosters a “grass is greener” attitude in those who feel like their lives don’t measure up to that of their peers.

On the opposite side, social media addiction highlights levels of narcissism. A social media photo trend known for taking a “selfie” or “selfies” has been linked to narcissism. Selfies are when a person takes a picture of themselves; either in a head-on fashion or camera angled, and then shares it via social media. Researchers have discovered that those who take a high amount of selfies are very likely to have or develop self-seeking behaviors and mental disorders.

All in all, high social media use leads to social isolation and a departure from the tangible world. At Treasure Coast Recovery, we aim to meet the client where they’re at and ease them back into healthy social behaviors. Our goal is to understand the underlying causes of addiction and diagnose the pre-existing condition first, then teach the client proper methods to manage their illness throughout their lifespan.

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