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Spiritual Therapy

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is deeply rooted in spiritual recovery. Up to this point, an addict has accepted the addiction as the higher power in their life to govern their actions and behaviors. Through spiritual therapy, the client will learn new behaviors and beliefs to account where the addiction once held sovereignty, whether through religious or independent affiliation.

Our treatment practices are heavily influenced by spiritual teachings. We provide our clients with a variety of spiritual offerings to learn from to help assess their own resources rather than rely on substances. Therapists will guide the client through their core essence teaching them how to empower oneself to obtain the freedom of mind, body and soul to obtain what is wanted from everyday life. Spiritual Counselors encourage clients to love themselves for who they are, as they are, while continuing along the path to wholeness, sobriety and their future.


Spiritual Services Offered at Treasure Coast Recovery

Spiritual Therapy

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