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Sail program

  • Extended treatment stay for Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab – Length of stay is a possible indicator of treatment success and sustained abstinence from addiction.
  • Relief for family members – Frequently clients complete 28 and 30 day drug rehab or alcohol rehab treatment stays only to return directly home and experience issues with relapse, lack of services, and/or internal and external triggers they have not fully coped with during treatment. The Sail program provides more opportunity for the client to grow and get a taste of both freedom and responsibility while maintaining an umbrella of protection.
  • Life Skills Training – Resume writing, job interviewing skills, budgeting etc.

Ongoing Case Management to assist all areas of life
Treasure Coast Recovery’s Sail program is a step down from the structured living environment of our intensive Sun program. Sail clients are provided with 14 to 15 days of community-based care at the end of their initial treatment phase. They can then choose to stay in the Sail program and continue receiving services on an outpatient basis.

The Sail Program is a community of men and women who have committed themselves to the next phase of their addiction treatment and recovery. The Sail Program is designed to extend the client’s stay in treatment thus improving the overall likelihood of successful treatment and sustained abstinence from addiction. Our commitment to maintaining abstinence is based on our core belief that we can thrive in all areas of our lives if we remain clean and sober.