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Wellness and Fitness

In recovery, studies demonstrate that physical exercise helps the mind and body to recover from years of mistreatment due to addiction. Further, exercise can improve your sense of well-being and increase the amount of new nerve connections in the brain, which will help the brain heal from the harm that drugs and alcohol have contributed over time. As the body and mind continue to return to a more normal state, many people in recovery find exercise also helps with cardiovascular health, diabetes, and can even help alleviate depression symptoms.

At Treasure Coast Recovery, our philosophy is firmly rooted in the needs of the individual client. Our goal in wellness is to provide a fitness regimen for the client that can be reasonably accomplished – but also enjoyable. We offer many workout options so the client may explore and discover the fitness regimen that suits them best.

Making Wellness Part of Your Lifestyle

At Treasure Coast Recovery, we’re situated in a location to help encourage one to stay active thanks to the South Florida lifestyle. Fishing, hiking, or swimming could be a great way to get in a fun workout under the Florida sun. On could also take a stroll on one of our many trails. A peaceful session of Yoga or Tai Chi is also available for those moments you desire a more tranquil workout of mind, body, and spirit.

Wellness and Therapy

One form of therapy the Treasure Coast Recovery offers is our program in Adventure Therapy. Adventure therapy is a form of psychotherapy that promotes learning through experimentation. Challenging and fun activities are incorporated into the client’s recovery program to help encourage personal growth and team building. The physical nature of Adventure Therapy could also be classified as a great workout as well.

Health Services Offered at Treasure Coast Recovery

Medication Management

Acute Pain Management

Dietary Education

HIV and Infectious Disease Counseling